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pucu Hecvip big shopping project Live Withdrawal Prooffree bitcoin mining site 2022 mining Ipuclari 2022 IPUCU MERKEZI

İpucu: Hecvip big shopping project Live Withdrawal Proof,free bitcoin mining site 2022, #miningsitesi İpuçları 2022 İPUCU MERKEZİ

@YT Bitz #ytbitz #hecvip. #usdt. #trx. #bitcoin #freebitcoin

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HEC official channel:
HEC Group was established in 2022. HEC Group CEO Arthur Brito and HEC Group members jointly established an e-commerce merchant assistance company. It is a promotion platform. It has millions of partner merchants from e-commerce platforms. At present, it has been deployed in many countries and has reached cooperation with many large e-commerce platforms. Large platforms like Amazon,, hopeee, ebay, wish, MercadoLivre have signed agreements to process 20-30 million different orders for millions of merchants.
Complete the order posting discussion group to get rewards
HEC discussion group:

Without any capital pledge,
No minimum withdrawal limit
Daily unconditional withdrawal of principal and commission
LV.1 completes 30 orders and gets a commission of 0.30% of the total order amount
($100*30*0.003, maximum daily profit of $9)
LV.2 completed 35 orders and received a commission of 0.32% of the total order amount
($300*35*0.0032, maximum daily profit is $33.6)
LV.3 completed 40 orders and received a commission of 0.34% of the total order amount
($1000*40*0.0034 daily maximum profit $136)
LV.4 completes 45 orders and gets a commission of 0.36% of the total order amount
(3000 USD*45*0.0036 maximum daily profit 486 USD)
LV.5 completes 50 orders and gets a commission of 0.38% of the total order amount
($5,000*50*0.0038, the maximum daily profit is 950)
LV.6 completes 60 orders and gets a commission of 0.40% of the total order amount
($10,000*60*0.004, maximum daily profit is $2,400)

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