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pucu New Cloud Mining Website New USDT Mining Site New TRX Mining Website Trx Earning Website mining Ipuclari 2022 IPUCU MERKEZI 17

İpucu: New Cloud Mining Website | New USDT Mining Site | New TRX Mining Website | Trx Earning Website #miningsitesi İpuçları 2022 İPUCU MERKEZİ

Registration link:

Telegram link:

Telegram customer service link:
1. If the registration is successful, the platform will automatically give 3USDT, the minimum deposit is 2USDT, and the minimum withdrawal is 0.01USDT
VIP 1: 5 USDT activation..8% profit..Earn 0.4USDT per day

VIP 2: 15 USDT activation..8.5% bonus..Earn 1.275 USDT per day

VIP 3: 70 USDT activation..9% profit..Earn 6.3USDT per day

VIP 4: 200 USDT activation..9.5% profit..Earn 19USDT per day

VIP 5: 800 USDT activation..10% profit..Earn 80USDT every day

VIP 6: 1800 USDT activation..11% profit..Earn 198USDT every day

VIP 7: 4500 USDT activation..15% profit..Earn 675USDT per day

VIP 8: 10000 USDT activation..20% profit..Earn 2000USDT every day

Invite friends to enjoy tier 3 rebates. 10% rebate for first-level members–5% rebate for second-level members–3% rebate for second-level members
First-level team members deposit 1000USDT, you will get 10% reward of 100USDT team income
Secondary team members deposit 1000USDT, you will get 5% reward of 50USDT team income
Three-level team members deposit 1000USDT, you will get 3% of the 30USDT team income as a reward

Disclaimer :-

This video is only for educational purpose. The channel does not provided any financial advice to invest money. If any lose is your own risk. Website may scam at any time and you lose your money. So think before investment. Crypto2tech is not responsible for any loss. Invest at your own risk.🙏

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